The Bom Jesus Campus

The Bom Jesus Campus comprehends a group of Baroque and Classical Buildings with a privileged location on a mountain top overseeing the city of Braga and it provides a luxury accommodation for university students complete with full 24hour room service. The oldest building dates back at least as far as 1373, when a chapel was erected in dedication to the Holy Cross. It was rebuilt twice during the 15th and 16th centuries, and again during the 17th century, in 1629, when a pilgrimage church and six chapels were built, dedicated to Bom Jesus (Good Jesus). The construction of the present campus buildings began during the 18th century, erected to a neoclassical design by the renowned architect Carlos Amarante, under the high patronage of the Most Reverend Lord the Archbishop of Braga, Don Rodrigo de Moura Telles, whose coat of arms is located above the gateway. It is also a hugely popular tourist attraction in the area, offering tranquility, beautiful architecture and sweeping views out across the city of Braga and to the beaches of Viana do Castelo and Esposende. The funicular dates back to 1882 and was the first funicular to be erected on the Iberian Peninsular, linking the Campus with the main city of Braga. The grounds are filled with attractive gardens, hidden grottoes, miniature chapels and sculptures, making this the perfect place to live. See also: | Other Campuses | Hosting Programme | Year Zero |




Campus Location: Europe > Portugal > Braga.



Waiting for you are 17 of the most popular seaside tourist destinations: the luxurious sand beaches of the northern region, located within an hour away from campus.


Some of nature’s most exquisite protected landscapes, like the acclaimed Peneda-Geres National Park thriving with wild life and breathtaking beauty, are located only an hour away from the campus.


The best luxury stores are located only a few minutes away from the campus. You can enjoy a shopping spree and lavish store promenade everyday at you leisure.

Braga Football Stadium

The Braga Football Stadium, famous for its unique architecture, is located just a few minutes away. You can enjoy Sunday Matches and special events like music concerts.


Braga is in the center of the Feudal North, where all medieval Lords resided and the region is crawling with historical towers and castles. The most important one, the Guimaraes Castle and the Lanhoso Castle are located only 30 minutes away from the campus.