Transport Services

From the moment you arrive at the airport until the moment you leave back home all transport is being taken care of by us. You need not worry about transport from the airport to the campus, nor from the campus to the university. All movements you might have to make outside the campus will be taken care of by us. There are no extra or hidden fees, it is all part of our Hosting Programme. All campus academic field trips are also included. Special arrangements can also be made to meet your desire for excellence.

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for every occasion



Buses are used for collective transportation of students to and from universities, and also in most academic field trips. Our buses are always high end luxury vehicles.


Limousines are used for small groups of students, for special occasions or under special request (extra fees might apply). Our limousines are always high end luxury vehicles.


The car is used for single or very small groups of students (1-3). Our cars are always high end luxury vehicles.

Admission Deadline: September 15

Applying to study with us is easy and simple. Just send us an email and we will guide you through the all process. You don’t really need to make up your mind about what you want to study before you apply. We can help you with that later.