Dress Code

Smart casual is the basic dress code within campus and for attending classes at the universities. Academic dress can be used on a daily basis or in special academic events. In Braga, it is not unusual to see groups of students in academic uniforms strolling around town. Formal dress, white tie or morning dress, is only required for special events and Saturday Dinners.




Smart Casual

Smart casual is the basic campus and university classes dress code. Basically it is a more relaxed, although not less gallant, informal attire or business attire (to some the same thing).


Academic uniforms vary from university to university, and sometimes even from course to course. They are extremely important in Portugal and no student will do without. Some students go on using their university uniforms (capes) all their lifes on every special occasion. A complete uniform will might cost from €150 to €250.

White Tie

White tie is the campus formal dress. It is mandatory on Saturday Dinners and every special event. Morning coats are less used (there are very few morning events) and therfore not required.