Hosting Programme

We provide a full boarding hosting programme for international students in Portugal, from mid-October to mid-July, in an environment of excellence and comfort, in privileged locations, under the guidance of our full-time, professional advisors and teachers, while studying at the best universities. Our 4 year basic hosting programme covers everyting from accommodation to food and drink, from transport to university tuition, for a single fee.





Full boarding accommodation with access to swimming pool, spa, gym and other activities. Learn more…

Food & Drink

Full boarding three meal a day, plus Mini Bar. Learn more…


Transportation from and to the campus, including Airport shuttle rides and academical field trips. Learn more…


Private tutoring classes with our full-time, professional advisors and teachers. Learn more…

Books and Course Related Materials

Some things are not included in our hosting programme because they are so specific that it would be impossible for us to make a trustworthy assessment of their value. Books and course related materials are not included. Students have full access to university libraries and most of the books you might need can be found there, but still some students prefer to buy their own books. Art and technical courses sometimes require students buy their own materials. That is not included in our hosting programme.

Summer Vacations

From mid-July to mid-October students go back home for their Summer Vacation. We do not provide any kind of hosting during Summer Vacation. Those students wishing to remain in Portugal during Summer Vacation must provide for themselves or ask for an extension of the hosting programme. All other vacations (Christmas and New Year, Carnival, Easter and Spring break) are included in the hosting programme and although students do not have classes they will have occupations and will be taken care of.

Personal Finance

Although all your basic expenses have been taken care of, that does not mean that you do not need to have money for your personal expenses. Clothes, beauty, gifts, jewelry, cinema, concerts, theatre, football… These are just some of the local temptations for the young gentleman. Please be sure to ask our advice in order to prepare your personal annual budget.

Admission Deadline: September 15

Applying to study with us is easy and simple. Just send us an email and we will guide you through the all process. You don’t really need to make up your mind about what you want to study before you apply. We can help you with that later.